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Northwestern Alabama Injury Defense Lawyers

Defending the cause of injuries in all manner of accidents

At the law offices of Ashe Heflin Law, LLC, we represent individuals and businesses in Alabama against personal injury claims.

There are many types of accidents for which plaintiffs may seek compensation and for which you or your company may potentially be held liable. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Automobile — Drivers may underestimate the hazards of the road, resulting in car crashes, trucking accidents, motorcycle wrecks and pedestrian collisions.
  • Premises liability for injuries — Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe conditions, whether it is a private residence or a commercial site. Plaintiffs may seek damages for slip and fall injuries, exposure to toxic chemicals, assault by an owner’s guest, or dog bites and other animal attacks.
  • Defective products — Every year in Alabama, unsafe products that are mislabeled or have inadequate instructions hurt hundreds of people. These products include automotive parts, children’s toys, household products and medical supplies.

Defenses in cases like these usually relate to two circumstances:

  • The actions of the plaintiff during the accident and his or her role in causing it.
  • The actions of the plaintiff following the accident, such as seeking proper medical attention or filing the lawsuit within the statute of limitations.

It is critical to offer a strong defense when faced with a personal injury claim. Ashe, Heflin & Wright, PC can devise an effective strategy for you.

Protecting you from unwarranted claims

When you or your organization is faced with a personal injury suit, there are several ways to approach your defense. Our experienced attorneys guide you in crafting an effective strategy, which may include considerations such as:

  • Assumption of risk — If the defendant is partially to blame for the accident, or willfully participated in an activity the injured person knew was dangerous, he or she may receive little compensation or none at all.
  • Comparative negligence — Alabama follows a comparative negligence rule in personal injury cases, calculating degree of damages under a percentage formula that determines each party’s degree of fault.
  • Contributory negligence — In a few states, including Alabama, victims who share any degree of fault for an accident are barred from suing for any compensation at all. For example, a person in a car accident that shared fault with you cannot claim any compensation.

Let the experienced team at Ashe Heflin Law, LLC explore all your options and craft a strong defense against charges that may be unwarranted.

Turn to our law firm when you need defense from an unfair claim

Our attorneys handle the successful defense, whether through settlement or trial, of personal injury claims of all types, from railroad accidents to nursing home abuse. To schedule a free consultation in Tuscumbia about a personal injury case against you or your business, please call the law offices of Ashe, Heflin & Wright, PC at 866.442.2371 or contact us online.